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For his entire professional career, Steven Wyer has valued the utilization of information in business. From the beginning, Steven Wyer realized that access to the right information was the driving force behind an individual’s decision to patronize a business or to look elsewhere. What Steven Wyer could not predict was that the Internet revolution would allow a barrage of false information to overshadow his own successes and interfere with his personal and business life.

For several decades, Steven Wyer served as a consultant to lending institutions, asset management, and asset collections firms. As a skilled businessman, Steven Wyer held memberships with The Mortgage Bankers Association, The Debt Buyers Associations, American Teleservices Associations, and the eMarketing Association.

In 1992 Steven Wyer established Wyer Creative Communications, a financial services marketing firm, which was recognized as one of the fastest growing businesses in the Middle Tennessee area. Steven Wyer enjoyed this honor for five years and was selected as a Nashville Chamber of Commerce Hall of Fame member. Steven Wyer successfully oversaw the operations of this firm - which employed over 400 people nationally and included a client list boasting such names as GE and Chase - for nearly a decade.

The early 2000s saw Steven Wyer build and manage two successful businesses in the consumer debt field. With 14 call centers and three law firms on his side, Steven Wyer was positioned for success. That is, until misguided allegations brought litigation to his firms’ doors. It was information, says Steven Wyer, that drovethose companies to succeed and it was misinformation that eventually tarnished his reputation and brought about turmoil in his career and personal life.

This circumstance led Steven Wyer to co-found Reputation Advocate, an online reputation management firm. Steven Wyer now works with others who are dealing with the negative effects of instant global communication, helping them restore their good names and hold their heads up high after an online violation. In his recently published book, Violated Online, Steven Wyer offers readers valuable insights on how to prepare for and fight back against online invasions of privacy as well as slanderous attacks.

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