David Aaron McInnis - Innovator and Social Entrepreneur

David Aaron McInnis

David A. McInnis is founder and CEO of TrafficShapers, LLC, companies providing greater visibility and accessibility for online digital content.  

A graduate of Texas State University, David McInnis worked for years as a marketing and database consultant in telecommunication and direct sales and marketing industries. He served as the Marketing Director, CTO and COO for several start-ups throughout the 1990's. 

Entrepreneurial David McInnis gained prominence in online marketing circles when he founded PRWeb® in 1997. He is the original innovator of direct to consumer news release distribution and PRWeb’s Online Visibility Engine.   

McInnis began development on the PRWeb® platform in 1997 and saw it mature into one of the largest press release newswires on the Internet. The company offered services common in major newswires, but PRWeb® was the first and only such service focusing on direct to consumer and social media distribution.   McInnis sold the company to Vocus in 2006 to pursue other endeavors, including Traffic Shapers, Cranberry and ProfilePonds.  

Through his innovative use of technology, McInnis remains engaged in assisting business owners, authors, marketers and others to publicize and promote their brands through the placement of content to high-value online properties and major search engines.

In 2005, McInnis joined the efforts of Unitus, a micro-finance accelerator. He believes this is one of the few programs that provide a sustainable solution to the world's economic woes. He is fully committed to helping the microfinance industry provide people with a way out of poverty. 

McInnis is a devoted husband, father of four sons, private pilot, amateur horologist, kite-flying enthusiast and aspiring BBQ PitMaster.



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