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Aaron's Nursery is an online and in-person plant retailer based in Sumner, Georgia. Thanks to the warm Georgia climate in which its plants are grown, Aaron's Nursery is able to offer one of the Web's most comprehensive plant selections, including nut trees, fruit trees, bamboo, shade trees, flowering plants, grapevines, hedges, berry plants, and many more. With shipping available across the U.S. and internationally (the latter requires a $5,000 minimum purchase), Aaron's Nursery provides customers with the plants that are most likely to thrive in their individual environment. All plants shipped by Aaron's Nursery are packaged to last for 30 days in transit, with the bare roots coated in a silicon moisturizing gel called "Terra-Sorb" that keeps the plant moist. Aaron's Nursery has its busy season from December to April, which is the dormant period during which gardeners are advised to plant deciduous trees. A small selection of plants, including fig trees, bamboo, shrubs, some bulbs, and palms, can be shipped year-round for planting. All plants sent by Aaron's Nursery are inspected by the U.S. Department of Agriculture before shipping to ensure that they are healthy and free of disease or insects, but in the event of a mishap, the company does offer a free, one-time replacement guarantee. If a plant does not grow correctly over the course of a growing season, the customer can return the plant to Aaron's Nursery for a replacement. In addition to selling plants, Aaron's Nursery offers a number of useful guides for plant growth, care, and maintenance on its website, including a variety of videos. These guides address how to correctly plant and fertilize an Aaron's Nursery purchase, and for trees that produce edible items, often include information on the best serving method for the fruit or nut.


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